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Remember your reusables

We're on a mission to encourage Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to ‘Remember Your Reusables!’

It is more important than ever to ditch single-use plastic and switch to reusable alternatives. You can find out why we need to avoid single-use plastic on the WWF website.

We want you to make a habit of grabbing reusable items like water bottles, coffee cups and bags when you leave the house, not just your keys, wallet and phone!

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Tips to help you remember your reusables

Reusables on-the-go

  • Carry a drink bottle with you wherever you go. Find places you can fill up your bottle or your coffee cup using the Refill app.
  • If you like to grab a hot drink on-the-go or on long journeys, take a reusable coffee cup. Many cafés offer a discount!
  • Keep reusable bags in your car or by the door so you always remember to use them. Some pack down small and clip onto your handbag – neat!
  • Remind restaurants and bars that you don't want a straw in your drink. There are reusable versions available for you to slip into your bag.
  • Keep reusable cutlery in your bag. If you're eating on the go, you can say no to single-use knives and forks.

Reusables in the bathroom

  • Buy or make washable wipes for babies, make-up or cleaning - there are plenty of how-to guides on Pinterest. Most disposable wipes are made from plastic. They don’t biodegrade, aren’t recyclable and must never be flushed.
  • Choose washable nappies – they are easy to use and even switching one nappy change a day helps save plastic waste. Cambridgeshire and Peterborough residents can get a 10-15% discount off cloth nappies.
  • Use up your disposable razors and invest in a reusable metal razor with replaceable blades.
  • Swap your shower gel bottle and hand pump for a bar of soap. Simple but effective and they last much longer.
  • Ditch plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles for shampoo bars
  • …or reuse your bottles and buy refills of shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap at refill shops.
  • You can buy toilet roll loose or wrapped in paper instead of plastic. Buy in bulk from an ethical company.
  • Wooden or bamboo toothbrushes are available online. Plastic toothbrushes take around 1000 years to decompose.
  • Discover a range of reusable sanitary products. The average sanitary pad can contain the equivalent of four plastic bags! Change up your monthly routine with plastic free periods on the City to Sea website.
  • Watch 1MillionWomen's Facebook video about making your bathroom plastic free.

Reusables in the kitchen

Refill shops

More and more shops are popping up in and around Cambridgeshire and Peterborough where you can refill existing containers and buy plastic-free items or with less packaging. Many of these also provide online shopping and delivery services.

Local refill shops

We don’t know of any refill shops in Fenland, but you could try:

We don’t know of any refill shops in Peterborough, but you could try:


Download these posters to help your housemates, school, office or community remember their reusables.

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Toilets A4 Poster683KBpdf
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Please undertake your own research to decide your supplier of choice. Cambridgeshire County Council holds no responsibility if complaints or concerns are raised with the supplier directly.