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Reusable nappy discount scheme

With around three billion disposable nappies used in the UK each year, nappies make up a significant proportion of household waste.

Modern washable nappies are easy to use and easy to wash. They can save you hundreds of pounds compared to disposable nappies, as well as saving space in your bin. Even switching to washable nappies for one change a day will save hundreds of nappies by the time your child is potty trained!

We are pleased to offer Cambridgeshire and Peterborough residents a 10-15% discount off quality washable nappies or wipes at these selected retailers:

If we accept your application, we will send you a code to use on the supplier of your choice’s website. Only you can use the code, and we will only issue one code per person.


Please undertake your own research to decide your supplier of choice. Cambridgeshire County Council holds no responsibility if complaints or concerns are raised with the supplier directly.